What Can I Sell for $100? Golie Mark

on the brand might help you cash in. Brands like Merrill, Keen, Plea and other major brands will fetch prices ranging from $15 to $30. Circumstances and location play a role here.

Another product that may sell are sports shoes — soccer or baseball cleats, hockey skates, or figure skates.

Finally, another thing I should manage to find a reasonable bargain for is snow boots. I like investing in decent, warm, weather-resistant boots, which have a great resale. That way, we get usage out of the boots and then sell them to re-coop the money.


Extra DVD players, cables, old phones, cameras, etc., are just some things I have stashed away and forgotten about. You may earn some fast weekend cash by selling any or all of these products.

Check that it still works, of course, but also make sure you have the charging cord and, if you still have it, the original packaging. The price and likelihood of a sale will both increase if you include these extras in your pitch.


I can’t stand how quickly toys pile up. As soon as the holiday is gone, then. I can go through all their toys and list the ones too old for them to play with.

Collect in January and publish the list in February or March typically. That is the strategy I can use when it is someone’s birthday. Toy clutter is reduced thanks to this clever solution! I can earn roughly $50 by selling several Lego sets, tiny people play sets and block sets recently.


This refers to lawn and garden equipment. If you have recently upgraded or no longer need these things, they might be worth more than $100 on their own!

Bike/ Scooter and Accessories

Depending on the season (or your location), this might be a hot item in the marketplace. Don’t keep riding about on a bike that’s too little for you, youngsters. A child’s bike may charge $25–$75, while a scooter may cost $10–$25. That’s not anything to scoff at!

Books, CDs, DVDs

Have a DVD player that won’t play on my new TV? I should probably sell it with my DVD collection. Disputes commonly expect anything from $1 to $5 for a standard DVD and $8 or more for a BluRay DVD. That’s also true with CDs.

There are still a lot of individuals that listen to CDs everywhere they go, whether it’s in the vehicle, at home, or in the cabin. It means that there is still demand them. The handful that I will do net me $15.

Kitchen Items

There are at least five coffee pots, three full sets of dishes, baby dishes, glasses we never use, and mugs we never fill. I can sale a hand mixer for $10, and although that’s not a lot of money, it got some clutter out of my kitchen and put a little more in my wallet. That’s quite good!

Old Baby Items

If you still have plenty of baby gear you don’t need, this one may be a gold mine. Strollers, cribs, pack-n-plays, and baby baths all come to mind. There are several baby items you may no longer find necessary by the time your child is two.

It would help if you tried to make some money off of this. The second stroller we never used can bring in $200, the baby bath can bring in $10, and the pack ‘ n-play can bring in $65 altogether. Even if you don’t have a lot of them to sell, they move fast and may net you some substantial money.

Get It All Together and Earn Some Money

Get ready to earn some weekend cash knowing what to sell.

From personal experience, I can tell you that selling a random assortment of ten home goods on the weekend may pay you $100. I sold a bunch of summer toddler tees, shorts, an old pack-n-play, and my Medela pump on eBay and earned more than that! And so can you.

Look around your own house to see what I mean. Look around at the clothing your kids have outgrown or the excess furniture you want to eliminate and make a list. Weekend moneymaking has never been simpler.

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