Ukrainian military to get 11 powerful PUMA-LE drones, says minister Golie Mark

Drones are in service in 18 countries of the world

Drones are in service in 18 countries of the world

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“The drones are equipped with a conventional and thermal imaging camera with 6x optical zoom,” the minister said.

“It allows to detect the enemy during the day, at night and in any weather. Thanks to their antennas, the drones can range over a distance of up to 60 kilometers. Such a distance will help defenders sneak behind enemy lines. The drones can fly up to six hours and rise to a height of up to three kilometers. This makes them invisible to the invaders.”

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PUMA-LE drones are in service in 18 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, etc.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, together with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the UNITED24 platform, announced on July 1 that they planned to build an Army of Drones.

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At the first stage, it was planned to purchase 200 drones for aerial reconnaissance, which can fly for up to 24 hours at a distance of 160 kilometers and remain almost invisible to the enemy.

You can join the fundraising from anywhere in the world by making a donation through the United24 platform, or by donating your own drone to Ukrainian army scouts.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation announced on July 12 that the first 150 operators were undergoing training for this project.

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