Two Men Attempt To Pick Up The Same Child From School, Both Thought They Were The Child’s Father Golie Mark

A school employee was in utter disbelief after two men came to pick up the same little girl one afternoon. The puzzled fathers never knew about each other, and both claimed to be the child’s daddy.  What is the deal?!

The school worker, Sheena, who tends to the front desk, saw this scenario unfold right before her eyes and said it was the craziest situation she’d ever witnessed at the school.  She was just as surprised as both fathers who found out about each other that very moment.

Sheena headed straight to TikTok to serve some scorching tea. Part 1 of the video amassed over 12.5 million views, with parts 2-4 garnering over 8 million collectively. As the story progressed, the audience was curious to learn more details and wanted to know who the father was.

Part 1

Posting under the user @sheena_20200, she went into detail on how the whole situation went down.

“Right before dismissal, we had a dad come in and want to check out his child,” she said.

“That’s ok, that’s normal. So, I told them to hang on a second because the secretary wasn’t up there. Another dad walks in, and he wants to check out his child as well, so [the secretary] came back, and she got the child’s name,” she shockingly continued.

“Got the child’s name, and it was the same child’s name. She was like, ‘We got two kids in the school?’” Sheena added. “It sounds totally bogus but these guys were trying to check out the same child and things were about to get ugly.”

The secretary confirmed to one of the men: “This is the same child that he just checked out.”

“And so, they both look at each other, and dad was like, ‘Why are you checking my child out? Who are you?’” Sheena said in the video. “And he was like, ‘Who are you?’”

“What do you mean? I’m her dad,” the other dad responded; Sheena explained.

“Me and the secretary looked at each other, and I thought, I gotta get the principal right now because, at this point, we need the principal. We need someone to call the school officer. What is really going on here?” the TikToker explained.

Shortly after posting part 1, Sheena uploaded the highly requested and anticipated part 2, where the mother of the little girl confessed that the two men did not know about each other.

According to Sheena, the mother was in a panic due to both men popping up to pick up their daughter.  She also verified their identifications, and both men are listed as emergency contacts.

“Both have rights to check the child out,” she added.

Part 2

With so much happening in her day, Sheena was pressured to hurry and post the rest of the story, and she uploaded part 3, which she said would be her last.

Once the mother arrived at her daughter’s school, one of the fathers ran up to her in the parking lot and began yelling, asking her why she didn’t ever mention the other man to him. According to the TikToker, the angered father struck the mother.


Part 3

Sheena said police arrived on the scene, and one of the fathers was apprehended. Paramedics took the mother, and the grandmother had to retrieve the child.

On the final update, Sheena called the child’s mother to check on her and the woman expressed her gratitude for the follow-up.

The mother told Sheena that she had plans to one day tell the men about each other but never got around to it, and the young daughter, who is 5, never said anything to either of her dads.

As if this wasn’t already wild enough, the two men found out about each other because the mother fell out with her best friend and this was the best friend’s doing.

Her former best friend set everything up by calling both men and telling them they had to pick up the child because the mother was at a doctor’s appointment.

Part 4 (Final)

Everything hit the fan, and it was up from there.  Best of luck to everyone involved, especially the little girl!

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