Trump raged against ’60 Minutes’ after it featured Dominion’s CEO calmly dismissing his election-fraud theories Golie Mark


Former U.S. President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Mesa, Arizona, on October 9, 2022.Mario Tama/Getty Images

  • Former President Trump responded angrily to Sunday’s edition of ’60 Minutes.’

  • The documentary featured the Dominion Voting Systems CEO rebutting Trump’s claims.

  • He didn’t directly address its arguments, but claimed the show was part of a plot against him.

Donald Trump lashed out at Sunday night’s edition of “60 Minutes” after it featured a calm dismantling of his election-fraud conspiracy theory by the CEO of Dominion, the voting-technology company.

“60 Minutes” is not a News Show, it is a Democrat propaganda machine. Their story last night on Election Fraud was a JOKE!” wrote Trump, and went on to push a series of conspiracy theories and baseless claims about election fraud and plots against him by the FBI.

Back in 2020, lawyers close to Trump claimed that Dominion’s machines were part of a vast plot involving Venezuela and traitorous US officials to “flip” votes to Joe Biden.

There is no evidence to substantiate Trump’s claims about widespread election fraud in 2020, or the use of the voting machines in a plot.

On “60 Minutes”, Dominion boss John Poulos described to host Anderson Cooper the damage the disinformation pushed by Trump and his allies had caused.

“My kids still are not allowed to get any package from the front door until we verify that it’s actually from a trusted sender,” Poulos said, referring to their fears of being attacked at home.

He went on to systematically dismiss conspiracy theories about the company.

“Were you associated with the late Hugo Chavez?” Cooper asked.

“Absolutely not,” Poulos said.

“Do you use a Venezuelan company’s software that’s been used to steal elections in other countries?” Cooper asked.

“Absolutely not,” Poulos said. “Anderson, I can, I can cut all of this short. We were founded in Toronto, which is where my family was from. And there’s nothing to do with Venezuela.”

“Can you flip votes in the computer system?” Cooper asked. “Can you add votes that did not exist?”

“Absolutely not,” Poulos again responded.

He then showed how the machines count votes, and described how the paper ballot the machines use is retained so the accuracy of the count can be verified in audits.

Dominion has launched major lawsuits against a number of businesses and right-wing media organisations which pushed conspiracy theories about the company, including a $1.9 billion lawsuit against Fox News. 

Fox News claims that its handling of the claims is protected under the First Amendment.

Trump has made bogus claims the 2020 election was stolen from him the center of his rallies and other public statements and he stirs rumors he will make another bid for office in 2024.

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