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What are the top cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022?

Whether you are new to crypto or have been in the game for some time, knowing which cryptocurrencies to invest in is something that should always be top of mind. Not only that, the best crypto to invest can change as fast as the crypto space itself does. This is why we have prepared a list of the top 7 cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022. The best cryptos to buy right consist of a combination between early trends with huge potential, such as the cannabis market with BudBlockz as the clear leader. And well-established cryptocurrencies with recent or upcoming catalysts. But before we dive into the list, let us first look at a critical question: should you even buy crypto now?

Should I buy crypto now?

Since October 2021, the whole crypto market has been on a downwards trajectory, with only a quick relief rally between January and March 2022. So, for the last few months, we have definitely been in a bear market. And unfortunately, we do not know if the market has reached the bottom, yet.

Past bear markets have traditionally lasted for about 2 years on average. And since history usually repeats itself, it looks like we are currently only halfway through the current bear market with another good year to go.

So with all that said, is now a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Well, there actually is no better time to invest than in the middle of a bear market. Because this is the time where you can get the top 10 or top 20 cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices possible. Plus, it gives you a chance to be really early for new and innovative projects, such as BudBlockz, and buy their tokens before they explode. With that out of the way, let us take a look at the top crypto to buy now.

Top 7 cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022

Alright, now let us look at the top 7 cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

We will start with the best crypto to buy right now: BudBlockz. After that, we will look at some top 20 cryptocurrencies and a few unexpected risers.

1) BudBlockz (BLUNT) – Best crypto to buy right now

BudBlockz is the first decentralized marketplace for cannabis ecommerce and comes at the perfect time of more and more cannabis legalization in the US and globally.

With legalization only just beginning, there is huge potential for growth concerning cannabis ecommerce. BudBlocks will be at the forefront as a marketplace for all market participants.

But BudBlocks is not only a decentralized ecommerce platform, but also an NFT marketplace, making it a complete decentralized solution and ecosystem for the cannabis market.

Its native token $BLUNT will be used as a medium of exchange between farmers, manufacturers and individuals. Their NFTs will be used for licensing participants, making the cannabis trade more transparent and secure at the same time.

If you would like to invest in the decentralized future of the cannabis market, you can currently still participate in BudBlockz’ token presale for their native token $BLUNT. The presale lasts until 4th December 2022, when the token will be listed onto UniSwap exchange. At the time of writing, you can get 1 $BLUNT token for $0.0256.

Presales allow you to invest in a token before it hits the public market at much higher prices, allowing you to be as early as possible for a new project with a potential of 100x and more.

2) Chainlink (LINK) – the blockchain oracle

Chainlink’s native token $LINK has long been a top 50 cryptocurrency, though more recently the token has been challenging for a spot in the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Chainlink is the biggest blockchain oracle for smart contracts. This means that it connects smart contracts with off-chain data and services to create reliable data on the blockchain. After a run-up to over $50, $LINK has found support at around $5 to $7. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in October 2022, giving you a good opportunity for a 10x until the last all-time high.

3) Helium Network (HNT) – the people network

Helium Network’s native token HNT is the next top crypto to invest in now. Helium Network is a decentralized wireless Internet of Things Network (IoT) blockchain network where individuals can connect to the network and send data at an extremely low cost and very fast.

At a current price of around $4.60 per HNT, this is another coin that has potential for a 10x to 20x in the mid-to-long-term future.

4) Filecoin (FIL) – decentralized storage

Filecoin’s main purpose is to store data in a decentralized manner. It therefore covers another important section of decentralized data. While traditional data storage is extremely centralized, with only a few global players, Filecoin aims to not only bring each user closer to their own data, but also secure it from involuntary access through the government. Its native token $FIL has been a top 100 cryptocurrency for quite some time and seems to have found support in the $5 area. With the last all-time-high being over $180, this is another great coin to invest in now.

5) Bitcoin (BTC) – the digital gold

Bitcoin is often referenced as digital gold and therefore always a safe bet. This has not changed in recent years and economists predict it will still be the biggest cryptocurrency in 2023. With Bitcoin’s native coin $BTC being the first and oldest cryptocurrency, this is what the big players like whales and institutions invest in.

$BTC has been trading at the strong support area of $18’000 to $20’000 for the last couple of weeks. And while it is not impossible that it will go even lower during the next couple of months, now is a much better time to invest in $BTC than when it was at $60’000.

6) Ethereum (ETH) – the smart contract blockchain

The number 2 ranked and long-term top 5 cryptocurrency Ethereum is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and invest in today. Especially now that the merge is over and Ethereum now works on proof of stake, there will be fewer $ETH tokens in circulation every day.

With many projects building on Ethereum, such as our top crypto choice BudBlockz, the demand for $ETH will only increase. Shrinking supply and increasing demand usually lead to a price explosion. At a current price of around $1’300, it has suffered from quite a price correction after the merge in September 2022, making it now the perfect time to buy.

7) IMPT (IMPT) – the decentralized carbon offset

The last top crypto to invest in October 2022 is IMPT. Newly launched IMPT is a decentralized carbon offset program that lets investors reduce their carbon footprint. Along with the growing cannabis market, climate change is one of the biggest topics of our time. IMPT is another very young and innovative project that is currently in the pre-sale phase. This allows you to invest at $0.018 before it will go public at much higher prices. By investing in $IMPT, you not only have a chance of multiplying your investment. You can also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Top cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022 – conclusion

Alright, these are the top cryptocurrencies to buy in October 2022. By investing in all of these tokens, you will have a well-balanced portfolio of established, top 100 cryptocurrencies and newcomers with huge potential. And while the top coins can be safe bets, new projects in trending markets, such as BudBlockz in the cannabis market, are the projects that have 100x and more potential.

What do you think?

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