Podcaster Reveals New Details About How LeBron James Allegedly Cheats On His Wife Savannah Golie Mark

On the court, LeBron James is a 4× NBA champion and undeniably one of the best at the game of basketball. Off the court, James is touted as an amazing father of three and a devoted husband to his wife of nine years, Savannah James. However, according to podcast host Sofia Franklyn, the billion dollar baller may not be as committed to his marriage as he portrays.

Rumors of infidelity surrounding the basketball star have circulated for years, and are by no means new. However, they’ve never materialized into anything factual or concrete. In a recent episode of the Sofia with an F podcast, Franklyn shared never-before-heard details about how James allegedly steps out on his high school sweetheart.

It all started when a discussion about Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, and philandering took a sharp left and landed on LeBron and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Don’t be dumb,” she says in regards to Levine. “You are famous, Adam, you know how f****** famous you are. You can be a little sly about it. Leonardo DiCaprio, I know for a fact, I mean, I’ve never been invited but my friends have. He goes out, and his bodyguards or whatever go up to the girls, ask them if they want to go back to his house or wherever. They sign an NDA. LeBron James, same s***.”

Realizing that she may have said a little too much, Franklyn quickly caught herself, “Should I be outing all these people?”

It was then that someone off-camera inquired about further details on LeBron James’ moves. That’s when Franklyn decided to drop some major tea.

“What did LeBron James do,” they asked.

“LeBron James has various parties, constantly where NDAs need to be signed, and women are at,” Frankyln replied. “You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron’s a cheata?”


The viral clip posted on TikTok was captioned, “If ur gonna cheat.. at least have some respect and LOWER UR F*****G VOICE ADAM” along with several hashtags, one of which including James’ name.

Reception to the clip, which has raked up over a million views on TikTok, was mixed. Some came after Franklyn for her unsavory comments about the baller.

“She needs to leave Bron name out,” a fan of the Lakers star wrote.

“You not gone be slandering Bron name like this, I will not stand for it,” another added.



One questioned why James’ name came up in the first place.

“How you go from talking about Adam Levine to spreading misinformation about LeBron James,” they questioned.

But not everyone was skeptical. Some viewers noted in the comments that Franklyn’s tea on James is well-known.

“The LeBron information is very known in Cleveland,” said a commenter.

“From Cleveland- everybody knows…. Everybody knows.. about LeBron,” another echoed.


And others wondered how these rumors will affect James’ future.

“How does this effect LeBron’s legacy,” a user asked.

“Ok, so this one might actually affect LeBron’s legacy,” another one determined.

If James’ legacy is on the line, his NBA season isn’t helping. According to Total Pro Sports, the Lakers are having a rough time, collapsing to a 0-3 record after last week’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. Though James played well in the game, managing to secure 31 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, things aren’t looking good for the Lakers.


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