Maxar shows fortifications of Russia’s Wagner mercenary company near Hirske in Luhansk Oblast Golie Mark

The so-called fortification consists of four rows of cement pyramids

The so-called fortification consists of four rows of cement pyramids

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The fortification consists of four rows of cement pyramids, which, as the Russians hope, will stop any Ukrainian vehicles and tanks from moving east. Behind the anti-tank fortifications the Russians have dug a large moat.

According to Russian propagandists, this is the “second line of defense” in case the Ukrainian Armed Forces try to break through in this area.

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At the same time, CNN notes that although the fortifications can help protect against a frontal attack, nothing prevents Ukrainian troops from simply bypassing the fortifications, which stretch for only 1.6 kilometers.

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The Kremlin’s propagandist media also write that the “Wagnerites” as the mercenaries are called plan to continue to build their line from the Russian-Ukrainian border to Kreminna and south to Svitlodarsk – a distance of more than 200 kilometers.

However, additional satellite imagery reviewed by CNN did not show any other structures along the remaining 98% of the planned “Wagner Line.”

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