LisaRaye Leaves Fans Gushing Over Her Figure in an All-White Swimsuit. Here’s Why She Only Wears White. Golie Mark

LisaRaye McCoy is still turning heads with her timeless beauty. The actress celebrated her 55th birthday last month, but she is still being showered with gifts.

“The Players Club” star recently shared to Instagram a video of herself posing in a white swimsuit and a pink and white trucker hat that left her followers fanning themselves. While showing off her collection of Louis Stewart handbags, which she received as a birthday gift, McCoy also reminded fans that she still has her “Diamond” good looks from head to toe.

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LisaRaye McCoy. (Photo: Therealraye1/Instagram)

Diamond you acting up lol,” one person wrote, referring to her role in “The Players Club.” A second commented, “Black literally does not crack.”

Someone else was equally left in disbelief that the “Cocktails With Queens” co-host could defy time with her looks. “A grandmother looks this good.” And a fourth fan commented, “Diamond in the swimsuit! Soooo fine in the 50’s.”

More than a few commenters took notice of McCoy’s swimsuit. They wrote, “All White Everything,” and “U and that white.” The “All of Us” actress has donned all-white outfits for more than a decade. In 2010, she told that she initially began wearing all white by accident. “It’s not a method to the madness. It’s not because it’s religion. It’s because one day on the weekend I went out of town and realized I had all-white outfits and they looked so crisp and clean. I said can I do this for a week, a month, a year? It’s been eight or nine years now. I feel like an angel,” she said.

In a separate interview in 2016, the actress said her decision to not wear colorful ensembles outside of work had taken on new meaning. “I remember, when my father passed, my mother was very adamant about wearing a black outfit, and she was very adamant about me going with her to pick this black outfit, and I didn’t want to. I think I had completely shut down at that time anyway. And I was like, ‘I wonder if that has everything to do with why I went totally to the right and I wear nothing but white now.’”

However, she has made at least one recent exception when it comes to her wardrobe. In February, fans caught a glimpse of McCoy in a purple dress when she attended her sister Da Brat’s wedding.

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