Kim Kardashian’s New House Is Very Different Than Her Last Golie Mark

There’s the hallway where she keeps the beating heart of a banshee.

The other hallway where she hides the nun from the Conjuring movies.

And the statue room is straight out of Silent Hill.

The living room has also been described as a “recovery room of a dystopian wellness spa.”

It also wouldn’t be a Kim’s Kreepy House Post if I didn’t mention Kenny G in the basement.

And the piles of pumpkins.

Literally, on Halloween she puts out piles of pumpkins:

But alas, all good things must come to an end…it seems like Kim and fam could possibly be moving.

Kim just bought this house in Malibu for a cool $70 million.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, and Kim actually got it for a “discount.” It was originally $99.5 million!

There’s also a pool, because duh, there better be a damn pool for $70 million!!

There’s also this random side-of-the-house hot tub.

The living room is a big departure from the “trendy morgue” aesthetic the old house was giving.

The bedrooms are definitely *simple.*

The guest bedrooms are pretty simple too.

And the house may or may not come with this sad tree.

The kitchen is pretty generic for $70 million.

But really, what you’re paying for is the view.

There’s a pretty generic BBQ area.

And it wouldn’t be a rich person’s house without a tennis court.

So yeah, it will be interesting to see what Kim does with this.

I’m not sure where she would keep Kenny G in this new house, but hopefully there’s a basement for him.

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