Kerch bridge to be destroyed after liberation of Crimea, says intelligence chief Golie Mark

After the liberation of occupied Crimea by Ukraine, the bridge across the Kerch Strait will be destroyed

After the liberation of occupied Crimea by Ukraine, the bridge across the Kerch Strait will be destroyed

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“This bridge is one of the symbols of the ‘Russian world’,” he said.

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“The cruiser Moskva went down, the Crimean bridge virtually did the same. These are all signs that indicate that this regime does not have much time left… The Crimean bridge is a symbol that will be destroyed. When Crimea returns, this bridge will cease to exist.”

Russia completed work on the bridge in 2019, in order to solidify its occupation of the Crimean peninsula. It was being used as a major supply route to sustain invading Russian forces in occupied southern Ukraine, until a powerful explosion damaged it on Oct. 8 – collapsing a span of the road bridge and igniting a passing by fuel train. The resulting fire subsequently damaged the rail bridge as well.

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Russian authorities said the bridge was damaged by a car bomb, though evidence for what caused the incident remains scarce. Repairs are expected to be complete by summer 2023.

Ukrainian officials have denied any involvement with the attack, suggesting it could have been a symptom of internal Russian power struggles.

At the same time, NV’s sources claim that Ukraine’s SBU security service was behind the bombing. SBU press office did not provide a comment, adding that any discussion of potential ongoing operations will have to take place after the war concludes.

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