Indian wedding’s lavish party in the streets of NYC draws criticism Golie Mark

A grand Indian wedding celebration filmed on a busy street in New York City has gained both praise and condemnation on social media.

Instagram user Suraj Patel, a lecturer at New York University, uploaded a video clip of the procession, which involved festive people dancing in the streets to popular Bollywood music.

“My heart is so full, for my family to have all been here for such an incredible occasion for my brother’s wedding, so much love and energy on the streets of NYC,” Patel wrote in the post’s caption.

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In the video, participants in colorful garb enjoy themselves in a festive parade with very loud music.

But while many found the celebration fun and enjoyable, there were also some who were not amused by what appeared to be a lavish display of wealth, reported Times Now.

The video, which has racked up nearly 20,000 likes, was inundated with comments questioning the purpose of the said celebration.

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“Stop this nonsense,” a commenter reportedly wrote. “You are destroying the image of Indians collectively. Have you not heard the saying ‘Be a Roman in Rome.’ If you are so much interested in celebrating a wedding- the INDIAN WAY, Just come to India n do it. Why create such public nuisance!!”

“Meanwhile the patient waiting in an ambulance, the kid being late for exams and people being late to work Must feel good to encroach public property and deny equal access to all,” another writer reportedly added. “Always need that special treatment by pulling the string. Classic.”

The comments on Patel’s video have since been disabled.

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