Christina Perri Gives Birth to Girl With Husband Paul Costabile Golie Mark

Christina Perri Gives Birth to Baby Number Two

Christina Perri
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Girl mom! Christina Perri and husband Paul Costabile have welcomed their second child, a baby girl, on Friday, October 22.

“With a whole lot of faith, trust and pixie dust she has arrived safely. please welcome our magical double rainbow baby girl: ⁣Pixie Rose Costabile,” the “Jar of Hearts” singer wrote via Instagram on Sunday, October 24.

Perri, 35, and Costabile, 35, announced their family was expanding via Instagram in May.

The endearing video showed flowers on a brick walkway leading up to Perri’s eldest daughter, Carmella, opening a pink cardboard box and holding up her mother’s sonogram photos. The adorable reel ended with Carmella, 4, whispering, “I love you mom!” as the screen faded to black.

Perri has been candid with her fans via Instagram about her struggles with pregnancy, suffering a miscarriage and losing baby Rosie after she was “born silent.”

In July, Perri shared that she was diagnosed with a treatable blood clotting condition, called antiphospholipid syndrome. Speaking on the podcast “Lady Gang,” she shared how she learned her diagnosis, explaining her doctor told her, “Christina I have a hunch. They get mad at me when I do this, but I’m going to test you for something.”

After her tests came back, Perri learned that she “tested positive for a blood clot. And what that means, is that it would be the cause of death, for my child at 11 weeks and Rosie at 34.”

Wanting to spread awareness, the pop star opened up on Good Morning America in July, sharing that her condition affects 1 in 2,000 women. “I just had that feeling, that gut feeling like I need to figure this out,” she said. “So I did all the tests that are standard. So standard in my pregnancy and then standard in loss, and nothing came back. And so instead of accepting that, I was like no, I’m going to keep digging deeper.”

Perri further opened up about her trauma and the grief that she faced after losing her stillborn, Rosie, saying, “My world was really blown open. That’s a type of grief that’s hard to explain.”

Christina Perri Gives Birth to Baby Number Two

Christina Perri and Paul Costabile.
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However, she was relieved to learn that her diagnosis was treatable. The “Jar of Hearts” singer captioned an Instagram post in July, “I’m so grateful to finally share my story. … My blood clotting antibodies could have been detected before I had a miscarriage and stillborn. It’s time to re-examine this protocol and progress in fetal health for all. We need this blood clotting test in our first trimester with all the other tests we do! It’s just 1 cc of blood. It is essentially costless and the treatment is a simple blood thinner. It is life-saving.”

Perri’s “goal is to have that general test for everyone to test for antibodies and to see if your body is susceptible to a blood clot,” she added. “The more we share, the more possible I think it is to prevent women and families from going through what I went through.”

This year, she celebrated Mother’s Day with her beloved Carmella and thanked her “spirit babies” for allowing her to carry them. She told “Lady Gang” that she had been coping with the loss of her daughter Rosie by thinking: “Maybe Rosie was only supposed to live for 34 weeks. Maybe Rosie’s onto her next thing and her entire purpose was to come and teach me this because I’m strong enough.”

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